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The Concept of Lobbying

In a broad view, the term “lobbying” is used when speaking about the creation of an opinion trend favorable to changes.

In a narrower view, lobbying is defined as the totality of actions developed by groups of interest or by their representatives through legal and legit methods, actions undertook in order to influence the drafting of policies and the decision making process in public institutions.

This definition is also used by the European Commission, when defining the activity of interests’ representation at the level of European institutions: “the interests’ representation designates the activities developed with the purpose to influence the drafting of policies and the decision making processes of European institutions”.

The lobbying activity is complex and multidisciplinary. It includes substantial economical, juridical, sociological and political analysis as well as communication and public relations strategies. A part of this activity is the representational one; that refers to the direct contact between the factors of decision regarding specific issues having the purpose to influence the adoption and change of legislation, to introduce new legislative proposals or to influence the draft of public politics; all the above in the spirit of public interest.

Therefore, the lobbying activity is a manifestation of the constitutional right to address to executive or legislative authorities. This right is also stated in Law no. 52/2003 regarding decisional transparency.

Lobbying can have an essential role in the decision making process, offering to decision factors fundamental information coming from citizens or groups which can be affected by certain decisions, politics or laws.

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