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This Registry has the objective to contribute to the transparency process of the relation between public institutions and the representatives of the interest groups. The application in this Registry, voluntary made, do not constitute in any way a form of acknowledging, approving or accrediting the organizations registered in the Romanian Lobbying Registry Association.

The information comprised in the Romanian Transparency Register is provided by the organizations registered, on their own responsibility. The Romanian Lobbying Registry Association declines any responsibility related to this information, especially regarding the accuracy of this data. The Romanian Lobbying Registry Association reserves the right to radiate from the Registry those organizations whose values, objectives, and/or actions would contradict the principles stated in the ethics code or that would conflict with the nation legislation.

The Registry contains external links towards websites on which the Romanian Lobbying Registry Association don’t have any control and, therefore the Registry declines any responsibility related to that. Providing this links does not represent an approval or a warranty from the Romanian Lobbying Registry Association regarding any of the following aspects: the organization (the legal or natural person) assigned to administer or to provide the content of one of the indexed websites, the services promoted by these or the declared activities, the content or the opinions presented in the respective websites.

We invite you to participate in turning the decision making processes in Romania in more transparent ones: If you want to become members of The Romanian Lobbying Registry Association, access: this page. If you wish to send us suggestions or proposals to improve the transparency of the decision making processes, use our e-mail address: propuneri [at]


Romanian Transparency Register