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The Romanian Lobbying Registry Association (RLRA) was founded in June 2010 with the purpose of contributing to the popularization and promotion of the lobby activity, viewed as a multidisciplinary activity, which requires juridical, economical, sociological and communication knowledge.

RLRA is a non-profit, non-governmental, autonomous and apolitical private legal person.

In order to achieve the proposed goal, RLRA has elaborated and adopted the common principles and values of its members as well as the ethics code which governs the lobby activity.

RLRA encourages all the organizations and persons that represent interest groups in front of public authorities to adhere to the Association. Non-governmental organizations, professional associations, think-tank organizations, lawyers, lobby and public affairs agencies are also welcome to participate in the demythisation of the lobby and advocacy activity. This is possible by creating a climate of transparency and by adhering to a self regulation system.

Also, in order to promote the transparency in this kind of activity, RLRA sustains The Romanian Transparency Registry, available to all persons with lobby and advocacy activities. The Registry is organized following the model of The Registry founded by the European Commission. The registration is independent to the quality of member of the Association. However, the registration is mandatory for the members of the Association.

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We invite you to participate in turning the decision making processes in Romania in more transparent ones: If you want to become members of The Romanian Lobbying Registry Association, access: this page. If you wish to send us suggestions or proposals to improve the transparency of the decision making processes, use our e-mail address: propuneri [at]


Romanian Transparency Register