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RLRA Principles

The principles adopted by the members of RLRA are mostly the same to those promoted by the associations of the same profile worldwide, as well as those organized in the European Union. These principles are found in the RLRA ethics code.


Those who develop lobbying activity must prove openness and transparency declaring the name, organization or company, as well as the interest they represent, when representing interests in front of public authorities. These persons must not offer or create intentionally a distorted image regarding their status or the nature of their request addressed to public institutions.


The lobbyists must be loyal to the interests of the client or to those of its employers and to permanently inform the client or the employer regarding the work undertook and, as possible, to give the client the opportunity to choose between various options and strategies. They will not hide or distort any information when communicating with public authorities, within the lobbying activity.


The lobbyists will never exert an inappropriate or illicit influence, and will not offer or give, directly or indirectly, material or financial rewards to employees, to official persons or to the representatives of public authorities. The lobbyists will treat with respect and in a civilized way the others, including colleagues, competitors, and employees/officials/representatives of the public institutions.


In carrying out their activity, the lobbyists must possess a satisfactory knowledge of the governmental and legislative process, as well as specialized knowledge that are required in representing their clients or employers in a competent and professional manner. They will grant adequate time, attention and resources in order to satisfy the interests of the client or employer.

We invite you to participate in turning the decision making processes in Romania in more transparent ones: If you want to become members of The Romanian Lobbying Registry Association, access: this page. If you wish to send us suggestions or proposals to improve the transparency of the decision making processes, use our e-mail address: propuneri [at]


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