Limba română


Full members:

Fipra Consulting SRL
Dănuț Nicolae - Head of Romanian Office

Grayling Romania SRL
Cristi Cretzan - Director, Business Development

Links Associates SRL
Corina Vintan  - Managing  Director

Public Affairs Solutions
Codrin Scutaru - Managing Director

Laura Florea – Managing Partner

Serban and Musneci Associates SRL
Roberto Musneci – Senior Partner

Strategic Research Corporation SRL
Ovidiu Nicolae – Managing Partner

IQLEX Consulting SRL
Violeta Patru - Administrator

Issue Monitoring SRL
Rusu Octavian - Managing Director

Members enjoying the observer status:

Moderator SRL
Corina Dragomirescu - Director General

Asociația "Pro-Vita"pentru născuți și nenăscuți
Bogdan Ioan Stanciu - Președinte

Any legal person (partnership, association or foundation) or any individual who develops activities in the fields of interest of the association, and who, through out its representatives, bounds to respect the Articles of Association and the Ethics Code of RLRA, can be member of The Romanian Lobbying Registry Association.










We invite you to participate in turning the decision making processes in Romania in more transparent ones: If you want to become members of The Romanian Lobbying Registry Association, access: this page. If you wish to send us suggestions or proposals to improve the transparency of the decision making processes, use our e-mail address: propuneri [at]


Romanian Transparency Register